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"5 Reasons You Need A Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your iphone 6?"


Did you enjoy the crystal clear, sparkling sheen glowing across your iphone

6 screen when you first laid eyes on it? Wish you could put your iphone into 

a time capsule and keep it gorgeously new and shiny forever?...Thought so. 

Well no luck on the futuristic phone shaped time capsules yet. But protecting

your iphone investment with a tempered glass screen protector can be just

as rewarding! For other reads on iphone 6/6s screen protectors and cases

you can read article at CNET HERE.


Here are 5 reasons you should use tempered glass screen protectors to keep

your iphone looking awesome!


1. Prevents screen shatter:

    You may not know this but every time your iphone crashes to the floor it

    receives invisible micro-fractures (adding up to what would probably look

    like a mature spider web under a microscope over time.) Do this way to

    many times and guess what?...

    Odds are you will  end up with a shattered, damaged, very expensive

    screen to replace. When you're shrinking pockets can least afford to shell

    out the cash. 


2. Anti-Scratch Shield:

    Half-dozen keys in your pocket? Oily and Dirty hands from work? These two

    things alone will wreak havoc on your iphone screen. Leaving behind an ugly

    trail of nasty scratches and smudges galore. In short order, your perfectly

    crisp and clear (HD) iphone screen will resemble very little of it's

    original beauty.


3. Installing:easy as 1-2-3:

     They can easily be installed in a pinch (you can watch video here). All you

     need is a squeaky clean screen. Align the finger smooth, crystal clear glass

     with your iphone home button, speaker/camera cut-out & borders. Then,

     simply apply pressure to bond it to the screen. Finally, work any tiny bubbles

     left behind towards the edges until they disappear. Wipe clean, and enjoy! 


 4. Max resale value:

     On the plus side, keeping your iphone in "Mint" condition you will be able 

     to attract top cash offers netting you maximum resale value. This fist full

     of cash really comes in handy when you decide to upgrade to the newest

     iphone with all the bells and whistles.


5. Easy on the wallet:

     You can buy a cool dozen or more of these and still be saving money at the

     cash register. Versus paying for even one sky-high overpriced screen

     replacement. Period! Go ahead and kick yourself swiftly where it hurts.

     For not insuring your past iphones for a fraction of the price when you had

     the chance. Act Now. Don't destroy one more phone! iphone 6 Screen Protector


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